Admission Requirements


Entry Requirements & How to Make Application

Minimum qualifications are as follows:

Form One

1. At least 2A 3B in the UPSR examination (may vary according to the current direction)

2. Can read & are interested in memorizing the Quran.

3. Can write Jawi

4. Pass the test memory resident (UPSR)

5. Aged 13 years and below and has not been expelled from school.


Form Four

1. Pass PMR

2. At least get:

3. B in the Arabic Language and Islamic Education

4. C in other subjects

5. Pass the test memory resident (PMR)

6. Aged 16 years and never expelled from school.


How to Apply to SMI Al-Akhyar


1. Fill in the application form on-line.


2. Enter the details required to complete.


3. On registration day bring along the following documents:

i. Slip results UPSR / PMR

ii. Copy of Birth Certificate / Identity Card

iii. Primary School Leaving Letter / Leaving Certificate

iv. Other certificates ( if any )


4. Pre-test or qualification tests will be conducted.


5. Successful applicants will receive a bid to learn from a review of on-line and telephone calls.


6. Applicants who fail will not be notified.