Oct 16th
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When was the Angry Man

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Imam Shafi `i have pointed out:" Anger is one of the poison arrows of Satan. Therefore avoids it so that you can defeat the devil and his ten teranya. "


When anger is followed, it will burn like fire burning good wood and nothing is left but dust. To disarm a few guidelines to be followed, namely:

1. He should be ashamed of our actions. He watched all the actions and attitudes of our barbaric.

2. When comes the feeling to be angry, remember we are only human beings disgraced.

3. Lots of silence and pray to God that He saved us from anger.

4. Must remember the effects of anger. It may lead to hostility and revenge from the people we marahi.

5. Just imagine how bad we look when angry. It is worse than an animal behavior when we are angry.

6. When comes the anger, because anger isti'azah plenty to read comes from the devil.

7. When anger is heightened, take ablution, because it can calm the angry flames that were burning.

8. If anger can not be lost by doing as above, shall be sleeping. This is because it can reduce feelings of anger when wakes up from sleep later.

9. We need to correct Tawheed. Everything comes from God and will return to God. Why do we need to get angry?

10. When we are guilty, we do not like people angry with us. Similarly, others who make mistakes, do not like to be scolded, reprimanded a good behind.

11. Another method, when anger comes, when we stand, sit. When sitting, Brace. God willing, anger will begin to subside.