Oct 16th
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Islam Fastest Growing in Europe

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Over the last 20 years, the number of Muslims in the world has been rising gradually. Statistics for the year 1973 indicate that the world's Muslim population is 500 million; now, this figure had reached 1.5 billion. Now, one of every four people are Muslim. It is not impossible that the Muslim population continues to rise, and Islam will become the

largest religionin the world. Continuous improvement is not only because the population continues to increase in Muslim countries, but also the number of those new converts who converted to Islam

continue to increase, a phenomenon that stands out, especially after the attacks on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001. This attack, which was condemned by everyone, especially Muslims, suddenly had directed the attention of people (especially Americans) to Islam. People in the West to talk a lot about what kind of religion Islam is, what is the Qur'an, what obligations should be implemented as a Muslim, and how Muslims claimed the transaction of his life. This interest has naturally led to an increasing number of people worldwide are turning to Islam. Thus, the general arrangement heard post September 11, 2001 that "this attack will change the flow of world history", in some cases, are beginning to see the truth. The process of return to religious values ​​and spiritual, which experienced the world since long, has become keberpalingan to Islam.

It is truly remarkable is going on can be observed when we examine the development of this tendency, which began we know through the newspapers and on television news. This development, which is commonly reported simply as a part of the subject of the day, is actually a very important indication that the values ​​of Islam has started to spread very rapidly all over the world. In other parts of the Muslim world, Islam is at the point of rapid expansion in Europe. This development has attracted greater attention in later years, as shown by the many theses, reports, and writing about "the position of Muslims in Europe" and "dialogue between European society and Muslims." Co-located with a variety of academic reports, the media has often publish news about Islam and Muslims. The cause of this interest is the continued development of the Muslim population figures in Europe, and this increase can not be considered only due to immigration. Although immigration to ensure real influence on the growth of Muslim population, but many observers said that the problem is due to other reasons: the high number of religious transmission. A TPI News story which aired on 20 June 2004 with the title "Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe" to discuss a report released by the French domestic rationality. The report states that the number of converts who converted to Islam in the Western countries continue to increase, especially post-event September 11 attacks. For example, the number of converts who converted to Islam in France increased by 30 to 40 thousand in the last year alone.

Catholic Church and the Islamic Development

Roman Catholic Church, headquartered in Vatican City, is one of the following board of migration tendency of religious phenomena. One subject of the meeting in October 1999 European synod, which was attended by nearly all Catholic priests, is the Church in the new millennium. The main theme of the conference is about the rapid growth of Islam in Europe. The National Catholic Reporter reported that a number of hard-line states that the only way to prevent the Muslims to gain strength in Europe is to cease to be tolerant towards Islam and Muslims; among other, more objective, rational, stressing the fact that because both religions believe in one God , there should be no gap for the discrepancy or conflict between them. In one session, the General Bishop Karl Lehmann of Germany stressed that there is more internal pluralism within Islam than is known by many of the Christians, and radical statements about Islam surely does not have a policy.

Muslims consider the current position to explain the position of the Church in the new millennium is very accurate, considering logging in 1999 by the UN show that between 1989 and 1998, the total Muslim population of Europe increased by more than 100 percent. It was reported that there are around 13 million Muslims living in Europe at this time: 3.2 million in Germany, 2 million in Great Britain, 4-5 million in France, and the rest spread across other European sections, especially in the Balkans. This figure represents more than 2% of the total population of Europe.

Religious consciousness among Muslims Rise in Europe

Related research also reveals that along with the continued increase in the number of Muslims in Europe, there is growing awareness in the exercise of religion among the students. According to the survey by the French newspaper Le Monde in October 2001, compared to data collected in 1994, many of the Muslims to perform prayers, went to prayer and fasting. Consciousness is seen most prominently among university students.

In a report based on the foreign media in 1999, the Turkish magazine Aktüel state, Western researchers estimate that in 50 years time Europe will be one of the main centers of Islamic expansion.

Islam is unable to separate from the European section

In conjunction with the sociological and demographic studies, we also can not forget that Europe is not in contact with Islam only recently only, but Islam indeed indispensable part of Europe.

Europe and the Islamic world has been closely interlinked for centuries. First, the state of Andalusia (756-1492) in the Iberian Peninsula, and then during the Crusades (1095-1291), and mastery of the Balkan region by kekhalifahan Utsmaniyyah (1389) prepares the reciprocal relationship between the two communities. Now many historians and sociologists assert that Islam is the main trigger transmission of medieval Europe from the dark to the light-benderangnya The Renaissance. At a time when Europe underdeveloped in medical science, astronomy, mathematics, and in many other fields, Muslims possessed the treasures of the vast knowledge and great ability in the developing world.

Emirates on Mutual footing: "Monotheism"

Islamic Development tercerminkan in the development of inter-religious dialogue recently. These dialogues begin with a statement that the three monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christians) have the same initial footing and can meet at the same point. Such dialogues have been very successful and yielded a significant close relationship, especially between Christians and Muslim people. In the Qur'an, Allah tells us that Muslims invite people of the Book (Christians and Jews) to unite on a footing that has been approved:

Say: "O People of the Book, let (hold) to a sentence (the resolution) with no differences between us and you, that we do not worship except Allah and we do not associate him with anything, and not (also) some of us take some of the others as lords besides Allah. If they turn away, say: "Bear witness that we are the ones who have surrendered (to Allah)." (Surat Ali 'Imran, 3: 64)

Third religion that believes in a God that has the same confidence and moral values ​​of the same. Believe in the existence and oneness of God, angels, the Prophet, the Last Day, Heaven and Hell, is the principal teachings of their faith. In addition, self-sacrifice, humility, love, indulgence, attitude of respect, love, honesty, avoid doing wrong and unfair, and behave following the voice of conscience are all admirable qualities have agreed akhak. So, because this religion is the third in the same footing, they must work together to eliminate hostility, war, and suffering caused by the antireligious ideologies. When viewed from this perspective, an inter-religious dialogue holds far more important role. A number of seminars and conferences that bring together the representatives of these religions, as well as a message of peace and brotherhood which he produced, you continue to periodically since the mid-1990s.

Good News on the Coming Golden Age

By considering all the facts available, revealed that there is a strong movement toward Islam in many countries, and Islam has become the most important subject of the world. These developments suggest that the world is moving toward a completely new era. It refers to a period in which, God willing, Islam will gain an important position and moral teaching of the Qur'an will be widespread. It is important to understand, a very important development has been rumored in the Qur'an 14 centuries ago:

They desire to extinguish the light (cause of) Allah with their mouths (the speeches), and Allah will not allow other than perfect His light, though the unbelievers detest it. He has sent His Messenger (with lead) guidance (the Qur'an) and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all religion, even though the idolaters detest it. (Surat Al-Tawbah, 9: 32-33)

The spread of Islamic morality is one of God's promise to those who believe. In addition to these verses, many hadith of our Prophet SAW insisted that the moral teachings of the Qur'an will cover the world. At the end of times by the end of the world, mankind will experience a time where oppression, injustice, falsehood, dishonesty, war, hostilities, strife, and moral dilapidation reigned. Then will come the Golden Age, in which the demands of this character began to spread among humans like the rise of sea waves and eventually installed worldwide. A number of this hadith, as well as reviews of the scholars of the hadith, is shown as follows:

During [the time] is, my Ummah will undergo an adequate amount of life and free from doubts which they had never experienced anything like that. [Land] will produce panennya and will not stop any time and wealth will abound. (Sunan Ibn Majah)

... Residents of heaven and earth will be pleased. Earth would produce all that grows, and the sky will shed abundant rain in total. Because all the good that God has rendered the inhabitants of the earth, those who are still alive hope that those who have died to live again. (Muhkhtasar Tazkirah Qurtubi, p. 437)

Earth will change as the silver buffer plants grow ... (Sunan Ibn Majah)

Earth would be covered by equality and justice, as previously covered by the oppression and tyranny. (Abu Dawud)

Justice will be so successful that even all of the seized property be returned to its owner; further, something that belongs to others, even when tucked in between the teeth-gear one, will be returned to its owners ... Peace covered the whole Earth, and even some girls can be delivered pilgrimage without men. (Ibn Hajar al Haitsami: Qawlul Mukhtasar Al Mahdi al fi `Alamatul Muntazar, p. 23)

Based on the above statements, the Golden Age will be a time in which justice, plenty, abundance, peace, peaceful, peace, and brotherhood will dominate human life, and an era in which people feel the love, sacrifice, free hearts, love, and loyalty. In-haditsnya hadith, our Prophet SAW said that the blessing of time it will take place through the intermediary of the Mahdi, who will come in the Last Days to save the world from chaos, injustice, and moral ruin. It will destroy the know-know that is not to know God and stop the violence of the tyrant. In addition, it will establish religion as the time of our Prophet SAW, make moral demands of the Qur'an include men, and to uphold peace and spread prosperity around the world.

Rise of Islam who are experienced in the world today, and the role of Turkey in the new era are important signs that the time is rumored in the Qur'an and the hadith of the Prophet we were very close. Great expectations of us that God will allow us see the full blessings of this time.


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