Oct 16th
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Not Charity With Knowledge

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Imam Abdul Wahab al-Sya'rani said: Me listening to master Ali al-Khawwas Sayyidi r. 'a said: "The law of imparting knowledge to people and to those who hoped to

adopt that knowledge is obligatory ain even narrators do not practice it."

Imam Abdul Wahab al-Sya'rani adds: One time me hear the master Ali al-Khawwas Sayyidi r. 'a said: "There is no knowledge of any person unless he do with his knowledge for the understanding even of the worship of only one angle. This is because if he is performing the Islamic commandments and avoiding the prohibition, he would do with their knowledge sincerity believe that if God gave him. If he does not work as described, and he was aware of the knowledge that he violated God's commandments and thus repent and regret, would he do with his knowledge as well. Because if he did not have knowledge he would not be aware that leaving work to knowledge is evil. Thus, the knowledge to benefit in every situation. All text that severe penalties for those who do not practice the knowledge required of those who do not repent. "Master statement is very meaningful and valuable.


In conclusion, for a person adjudged do with knowledge, it is not required, he must never do evil, as the understanding of a few people. But the condition is not continued in sin or not sin continues in the desire to continue onwards.


Thus, students of religion should not be left-circumcision circumcision muakkad and replace it with a mere study unless the study is obligatory in Islamic ain with sincerity conditions. This is to prevent students leaving the rituals of circumcision so as if worship is not a ruler on it directly and at the same time he spent time with negligence, merry, gossip, flint, envious, proud, and ujub Haughtiness. Not once was during this offense, he said to himself: "Education is fine from all this carelessness"


Therefore, do not confuse yourself, O ye religious students and told them to order you to practice the rituals of circumcision: "Time to study more fine" even though you realize that you are not completely honest in the study. Such expressions can sometimes be prolonged for less concerned with the worship.


O Renunglah religious students when you leave the rituals of circumcision and other excellence-excellence and fill the time with the debate and left-wirid wirid, you will find a sense of unrest in the liver and no one will think better of you, but no pray none of you. Unlike the religious students increase voluntary worship and remembrance, he will find in the good of mankind and pray against them. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad said: "You are the witnesses of Allah on earth, whom you praised the good of him and who would let you have some evil would reproach him."


Me hear the Muslim Sheikh Zakaria Al-Ansari said: "If the wise men left the circumcision rituals, wirid-wirid and Manners who is close to Allah, he seemed dry bread is not nutritious".